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bill lowery music publishing atlanta ga

bill lowery georgia musicEarly in his career, he received offers to move his operation elsewhere and was told he really needed to be in Nashville or, even Chicago, if not New York or Los Angeles, to really be successful. But he never wavered from his belief that Atlanta could be a music city.

“Hubert Long wanted me to move to Nashville. Hubert [managed] Faron Young, Bill Anderson, Hank Snow and a number of big country acts and he wanted me to run the publishing and he would take care of the acts, because we had a number of acts that would have been good for Nashville at that time. But I told him…‘I just couldn’t leave Atlanta.’”

Over the years Bill Lowery wore many hats in and around the music industry. In addition to his publishing concerns, he owned the very successful Southern Tracks Recording. He was a record company president, an artist manager, an early ‘indie’ record producer, served (twice) as National President of NARAS, was a board member and director of the Country Music Association, president of the Country Music Foundation, and member of the board of the National Music Publishers Association. He was inducted into the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame in 1984.

Once asked what he felt his legacy would be Lowery commented, “…I hope it will be that I contributed…to making the music business a better music business.”

In 1999 Lowery Music was sold to the Sony Corporation. Bill Lowery passed away in 2004, and his son Butch continues to oversee Bill Lowery Music, a new publishing company; Southern Tracks, the recording studio he founded; Southern Tracks Records; and the Bill Lowery Foundation, which supports music education in Georgia.

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